Learn how to decipher four common website metrics


Bounce Rate
Learn how to exclude bots, internal users, and collect accurate consumer data.


New vs. Returning

Map new versus returning analytics against revenue to see if your website traffic aligns with your marketing strategy.


Avg. Page Load Time
We'll teach you what it is, how much each second really matters, and how to fix it with free, accessible tools.


Avg. Session Duration

Review example use cases, key questions for your team, and tools to learn more about your site's UX.

Your Google Analytics data tells a powerful story

We've found that while most healthcare marketing teams use a web analytics platform, they often lack the time or experience to make the most out of the data it collects. This guide won't give you all the answers, but it will help you get started. We've packed it full of questions, exercises, free tools, and more! Download this free guide now to see our benchmarks, actionable advice, and tips.


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