Blacksburg, Virginia

Our vibrant home in the mountains

There’s something special about where you come from. It’s home, and always will be. Modea was born here in Blacksburg, Virginia, and as we’ve grown and changed over the years, Blacksburg has been a key part of our story. From the vibrant Virginia Tech community to the region's innovative technology industry to the fresh mountain air, this town runs through our veins.

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The Modea family

We’re a wildly diverse, highly talented, anything-but-typical group of professionals who feel more like family than co-workers. And we’re having fun as we take on the most complex technological and digital challenges that our clients can throw at us. See what being a Modean is all about.

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World-class thinking, small-town vibe

Blacksburg is a small town that encourages big ideas and big thinking. Virginia Tech produces phenomenal young talent every year and local business and technology incubators continually curate startups that develop incredible new products. Everywhere you turn, you feel a creative energy that’s exciting and infectious. Modea is proud to be a part of such a forward-thinking community.

Extraordinary people and places

Hiking, climbing, biking, running, and almost any other outdoor activity you can dream of are just around the corner here. But it’s not all about the land. Blacksburg is home to some remarkable art, music, dining, and artisan shopping that you won’t find anywhere else. Add to that the nightlife and entertainment options that only a university town can provide, and you have a truly unique and beautiful mix of cultures where anyone can find a place to fit in, no matter their stage in life.

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About Us Blacksburg Secondary1
About Us Blacksburg Secondary1
About Us Blacksburg Secondary1

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