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Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting is for healthcare organizations who recognize their digital experience is not what it could be, but they aren’t sure what to do. Strategic Consulting provides you with a digital transformation roadmap, based on research, data, and insights about what your customers are doing, how they are consuming healthcare, and what technology and tools will best meet their needs and your business objectives.

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Technology Selection

We help you select the right technology to support your organizational goals, whether you need improved site search, a more robust content management system, or any number of other objectives. As an outsider to your organization (but an insider for the healthcare industry), we provide you with objective answers. Because we use a proprietary matrix and process for scoring, our decision is based on research and insight, versus simply following what everyone else is doing.

Digital Transformation Consulting

We help you map and understand your customer’s journey, identifying any pain points and gaps in those journeys. Based on our strategic analysis and insight, we help you determine which digital solutions can best address those gaps.

Analytics and Data Science

We analyze your data, and then we show you how to analyze your data, so that you can use it to measure the effectiveness and success of your digital tools. Our data science team is trained in statistical modeling, machine learning, and predictive analytics. We build data-based models to score leads, make predictions, and address a host of other business objectives to generate revenue or cut costs.

Audience and User Experience Research

We hire skilled, NNG certified researchers that understand the healthcare consumer and can structure the right research project to help you understand your consumers, identify pain points in your user experience, and gain the insight necessary to prioritize a roadmap. Most legacy healthcare systems are heavily siloed, and the user experience is fragmented and frustrating. We show you where it falls apart, and where the opportunity for connecting the dots is.

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Design + Build is for healthcare organizations that need a partner to help them design, develop, and integrate the digital tools that will keep them relevant in this age of the mobile consumer. Design/Build includes custom builds that are specific to what your organization needs, from complete website overhauls (back-end functionality and front-end design) to mobile apps.

Design + Build


The best design is grounded in data and based on a clear strategy. That’s why our UX/UI design team both leads the user experience research and creates the visual design that users interface with. We complete the loop, so that you can provide a digital experience that allows your organization to stay relevant and competitive. Understanding your end customers and their needs and pain points is baked into how our designers work.

Mobile Apps

We believe that a mobile app strategy is an important part of a strong, consumer-oriented digital roadmap, especially as more consumers look to their smartphone as the primary way to access digital content. Healthcare organizations have a tremendous opportunity to meet consumers' needs with targeted mobile apps. That said, a mobile app should serve a specific purpose and provide tangible user value. Our design/build team works with healthcare marketers to develop apps that bring value to consumers or inside a B-to-B environment. We have experience both in native development for iOS and Android, as well as cross-platform frameworks (such as React Native, Ionic, NativeScript, Xamarin, and others).

Drupal Development

More clients are coming to us requesting Drupal as their CMS. As an Acquia partner, with three Acquia Drupal certified software engineers on the team, we bring expertise to the process of building on and running Drupal, including experience with native Drupal theming. That’s true whether your site requires module configuration or custom module development.

WordPress Development

For certain healthcare marketers, WordPress is an ideal content management system, and we are able to make the most of this versatile CMS. On the front end, we can turn your design and interactions into performant HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We can also do extensive plugin development, building custom plugins, themes, and integrations that meet the needs of your site. Our team has experience with multi-site development as well, essentially building a network of related websites that can come from a single WordPress installation.

Custom Software Development

Our clients often come to us with problems that can only be solved by building a custom software application. In this case, we focus on using common frameworks and platforms (such as Angular, React, .NET, PHP, and Ruby) that align with the long-term goals of our client’s organization. We also develop APIs to help you better serve your customers by giving them seamless, easy-to-use interfaces.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Integration

Integrating digital tools with electronic health records is often part of a larger engagement, but we also take it on as a specific project. Many healthcare organizations have a goal of linking EHRs with consumer-facing applications to be able to offer tools like online scheduling, bill pay, and seamless integration with wearables. But they get stuck, because it’s complicated. This is where we shine, and it truly sets us apart. We have experience with all major players in the EHR space, including Epic, Cerner, and Athena. We also partner with Redox to help customers on their platform fully integrate EHRs with their other applications.

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