Customer Journey Mapping

Before investing in customer-facing digital tools, make sure you actually know what your customers need — by mapping their journey, end-to-end.

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Customer journey mapping isn’t a new concept. But it’s more essential than ever before in healthcare — an industry undergoing a digital transformation.

As a health system, you need to have a deep understanding of who your customers are and how they think — including what motivates them and what their pain points are. These insights will guide you to design, develop, and launch the digital products that your customers truly need.

  • Competitive evaluation
  • Persona development
  • Focus groups
  • Survey development and analysis

How Customer Journey Mapping Works

Modea works with large health systems to develop customer-centric digital strategies and clear roadmaps. Then, in a separate phase of work, we help them build the digital tools their customers need — like websites, mobile apps, and other pieces of custom software.

Leading our clients through customer journey mapping is always part of the discovery process. Our buttoned-up, proven approach to charting user journeys includes:

  • Doing UX research to define the distinct journeys, such as primary care, chronic/specialty care, virtual care, and urgent care. 
  • Conducting one-on-one and/or group interviews to learn about the steps along the journey, and what types of interactions are involved each step of the way.
  • Conducting workshops with stakeholders on the client side, to help them understand the journeys and solicit their feedback.
  • Creating a living document for each customer journey, which we share and discuss with UX designers and UX writers involved in the next phase of work.
How Customer Journey Mapping Works