Digital Product Development

Do you need a custom digital product to solve a problem or meet a need within your healthcare organization?

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We build websites, mobile apps, and custom digital products for hospitals and healthcare systems. We can tackle any digital challenge your healthcare organization has, from custom web applications to proprietary social platforms.

With every project, we ensure there is a plan for maintaining and improving the product, as well as measuring its effectiveness and success. We’re a true digital partner for healthcare companies.

  • Strategic consulting
  • Analytics
  • UX research and design
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Software development
  • EHR integration

Custom Software and Unique Applications

Sometimes you have a product need that’s not quite a website, not quite a mobile app, and not quite something your internal IT folks can tackle.

That’s where Modea comes in. We can build a solution from the ground up, or build on top of a CMS like Drupal. We also know how to integrate a consumer product into electronic health records (EHRs) — a complex task that requires specific expertise and knowledge of healthcare compliance standards.

Custom Software and Unique Applications

In addition to designing and developing healthcare websites and creating mobile apps for hospitals, these are some of the custom digital solutions we’ve built for healthcare organizations.

  • Custom web application for Carilion Clinic called Edison that staff could use to make service requests for medical equipment. We also designed a companion mobile app for clinical staff in the field.
  • Proprietary product for the American Medical Association’s Physician Innovation Network (PIN). Mimicking the functionality of a platform like LinkedIn, it helps connect clinicians and entrepreneurs for the purpose of spurring innovation.
  • A research app for the Center for Research on Men’s Health at Vanderbilt University that helps them to manage research studies and communicate with participants.

We have one of the brightest, most well-rounded engineering teams working in digital healthcare solutions today. Not only that, our UX designers understand how to get into the mind of the end-user

Whatever digital challenge you’re facing, we’re ready to learn about your needs and begin engineering the solution.