Healthcare Analytics

Hospitals and payors need to make data-driven decisions. But are they collecting the right data and connecting those data streams to get the insights they truly need?

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As a healthcare organization or healthcare payor, you rely on marketing data to know how customers engage with your brand. Data tells you who visits your website, who clicks through on emails, who likes social media posts, who attends events, who donates, and any number of other activities.

Very few hospitals, foundations, or payors have the bandwidth or expertise to pull all of their data together and analyze it. Using the most popular data science and business intelligence tools, Modea knows how to help you get exactly what you need from your data.

  • Data science
  • Marketing dashboards
  • Business intelligence
  • CRM integration
  • Google Analytics
  • Data warehouse and data lake creation
  • Machine learning

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Customizing Your Data Analytics

Google Analytics (GA4) is a powerful tool but the landscape has changed and HIPAA regulations in healthcare make it very difficult to use that platform anymore. That means new tools are being analyzed and used in the healthcare space such as Freshpaint, Matamo, Heap, Amplify, and Adobe Analytics. But to continue being useful while bringing the right data to the right teams, any system has to be set up properly. We find that many organizations are still working on an alternative to GA4, while also taking a fresh look at how and what they collect. This also means that, since “free analytics” is no longer an option, these organizations are wanting more data with more detail to help make better and smarter decisions. We know healthcare analytics and how to set up and leverage the right platforms. We’re specialists. 

We’ll learn about your business objectives and then we’ll customize an analytics plan for you. We can help you measure every digital touchpoint your customers have. But that’s just the beginning. 

We Connect All of Your Marketing Data Together

Need to get internal stakeholders on board with the strategy you’re proposing? Nothing motivates like data.

But not when it’s siloed. How do you get good insights when you have data coming from 16 different sources, with 16 different dashboards? It’s unwieldy, and hard to separate the useful metrics from the mess of data that needs cleaning.

Using cloud platforms, we can create data warehouses and data lakes to store and organize big data. Then we clean and integrate your data at a fraction of the cost of traditional CRM software. And because we specialize in healthcare, we know how to ensure HIPAA compliance. 

We Connect All of Your Marketing Data Together

We Create Business Intelligence Dashboards to Understand Your Data

We use BI dashboards to configure all your data into a single source. If you’re already using a BI program, we can build on what you have and configure it to wrangle all of your data. 

We include multi-source attribution in all of our reporting, because neither first-touch nor last-touch is wholly accurate. For foundations, this means you can trace the path of interactions that led to any given donation. 

Where we shine is that we don’t just show you numbers. We tell you the story behind the numbers. We offer context around the graphs, so that you can make sense of what you’re seeing and truly use the insights to make decisions.

We Create Business Intelligence Dashboards to Understand Your Data
Google Analytics
Google Cloud Platform
Google Big Query