Our Culture

A diverse group with a shared mission

Simply put, we want to create great things with people whom we like, respect, and enjoy being around. We’re a band of unique talents who check egos at the door in order to accomplish something remarkable together. Our way of seeing the world defines our culture. We all share the belief that technology can empower consumers and make life better, and we believe that using creativity and smarts to solve tough challenges is fun.

Fostering creativity

Our processes and our spaces have been specifically designed to support our teams. We have a lot of meeting rooms because we talk, a lot (but in a productive way--we hate unnecessary meetings, too). Huge whiteboards give us space to brainstorm new ideas. We come together often to celebrate successes, and if something fails, we learn from it together. We are always a team, even as we help each other grow as individuals.

Beyond these walls

Blacksburg is a fundamental part of Modea’s DNA. And whether you’re native to the area or you’ve moved here from faraway lands, it quickly becomes home. That’s why we lend time and talent to help Blacksburg grow. From the Blacksburg Farmer’s Market to participating in the Yoga Collective, we want to make this great town even better.

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