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How Modea helped the Carilion Clinic Cosmetic Center disrupt the online shopping experience for elective procedures.

The Ask

After opening in March of 2015, Carilion Clinic's new Cosmetic Center was struggling to win business in Roanoke and the surrounding region. Their web presence was buried within the larger site and did not offer a clear, compelling reason for prospective patients to choose the new facility with its experienced physicians.

Carilion Clinic came to Modea needing an updated digital strategy for the Cosmetic Center as well as a website that showcased their exceptional practice and helped to win business in the competitive landscape of elective procedures.

The Insight

Our research indicated that cosmetic surgery is typically marketed online in one of three ways: 1) as glamorous but superficial procedures, 2) as cost-driven decisions that overlook the need for medical rigor, 3) by overwhelming the consumer with overly scientific explanations.

Patients who choose to have an elective procedure are willing to do their research. However, none of these approaches actually help patients to make a thoughtful, informed choice.

Carilion Cosmetic Patient Navigation Carilion Cosmetic Patient Navigation

The Big Idea

We transformed the traditional process of promoting cosmetic procedures via price or setting unreasonable expectations. Instead, we decided to apply ecommerce best practices like a flat site hierarchy, appropriate product information, and a focus on conversion to make it easier for consumers to both explore and take the next step.

  • Created a conversion focused experience that equips patients with information they need to consider no matter which practice they choose to evaluate.

  • Decreased the size of the site to improve overall user experience and maintenance.

  • Developed a visually engaging and compelling site to showcase the quality of the Carilion Cosmetic Center.

The Numbers

69% increase in consultation requests

131% increase in page views

Carilion Cosmetic Device Display Optimization

The Results

By applying eCommerce best practices and designing a responsive, conversion-focused site, we disrupted how elective procedures are promoted on the web. The result has led to deeper engagement from website visitors and more conversions for the new Carilion Clinic Cosmetic Center.

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