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Learn how we helped the largest wireless carrier in America extend the value of their network through an in-store learning program for millions of customers.

The ask.

Being the largest wireless carrier in the country comes with its own set of challenges. By 2013, Verizon Wireless realized that their challenge was no longer getting more customers but getting those customers to better understand how to use their devices and get the most on their network. For this reason Verizon approached Modea to help reimagine how their 1,663 retail stores could become the frontline for customer education.

Verizon Wireless Retail Store

The insight.

Smartphones have become the status quo in America – with 56% of the general adult population owning one in 2013. But the reality is that with more mid to late adopters (aka your Grandfather) getting their first one means they are less likely to realize the full potential of the device. Even younger users rarely realize, with the advent of Internet of Things and LTE network speeds, the many ways the device can be the hub of their digital lives.

56% Smartphone Ownership Among Adults in 2013

The big idea.

As the carrier with the best network in the nation, Verizon had the opportunity, with Wireless Workshops – a custom web-based learning application – to extend the value of the network to the frontlines of retail.

Verizon Wireless Group Collaboration

The execution.

Wireless Workshops

Wireless Workshops - the first in-store classroom application to educate customers about the full potential of their device and

Digital learning application

Designed to allow retail specialists to teach customers about their devices in-store in a classroom setting

A cloud based content platform

Offering frontline employees the ability to deliver tailored customer workshops with up to date teaching materials.

Verizon Wireless Device Display Optimization

The numbers.

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Average workshop NPS

(Net Promoter Score)

$2.1 Million

Wireless Workshop contributed

to in accessory revenue by 2015

$ 919 Thousand

Worth of call-in-rate savings

Verizon Wireless Workshop Screens

The result.

Built, launched and continue to evolve

Verizon's first nationwide retail education application which was used to educate thousands of customers in the first two years of existence..

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