Children’s Wisconsin App Makes Access to Care Easier for Families

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Bryan Palmer

Director of Marketing and Business Development

Written on September 20, 2022

Children's Wisconsin Epic MyChart app images

When your child is unwell, you need quick and easy information: Should you head to the ER, opt for a virtual visit, consider urgent care, or schedule an office visit with your pediatrician?

Children’s Wisconsin identified the need for an accessible solution, aiming not only to address informational needs but also to seamlessly integrate with Epic MyChart—a technology familiar to families.

In collaboration with Modea, Children’s Wisconsin developed a mobile app serving as a go-to resource for parents seeking advice on their child’s health. The app retains the user-friendly features of Epic MyChart while introducing additional functionalities for an enhanced user experience.

Now, parents can effortlessly navigate a wealth of information, gaining insights into the most suitable option for their child’s situation—be it the emergency room, a virtual visit, urgent care, or a traditional office visit. This innovative app provides peace of mind and empowers families with knowledge and tools for informed healthcare decisions.

Modea and Children’s Wisconsin crafted the app as a holistic companion throughout the parenting journey, combining practical features with a user-friendly interface. It serves as an invaluable resource, reinforcing the health system’s commitment to providing comprehensive and compassionate care to the families it serves.

Modea and Children’s Wisconsin take pride in offering a solution that goes beyond the ordinary, catering to the unique needs of families during challenging times.

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