COVID-19 Puts Technology Roadmaps on a Fast Track

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Megan Dodds

Associate Marketing Manager

Written on August 31, 2020


Ask the Expert, with Bryce Cannon, President of Modea

Historically, healthcare systems have approached the implementation of new healthcare technology with caution and methodical precision, primarily due to regulatory complexities, privacy concerns, and a traditional reliance on in-person care. However, the urgent demands imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated an expedited transition to digital solutions.

Health systems worldwide faced challenges ranging from a spike in patient admissions to the need for innovative solutions to curb the virus’s spread. In response, the healthcare industry has undergone a transformative shift, leveraging technology to meet new demands. Despite the immense efforts of healthcare professionals, the industry faced a daunting task in meeting the multifaceted demands of the pandemic, revealing systemic vulnerabilities that would need addressing for future preparedness. As health systems raced to address the needs of their communities, technology initiatives that might have been considered optional before the coronavirus outbreak have now become essential.

Bryce Cannon, Modea’s President, engaged in an insightful conversation with Jane Weber Brubaker from Plain English Healthcare about technology’s place in healthcare. As Modea is a healthcare technology, web development, and data analytics consulting firm, the discussion delved into the current state of the industry and the necessary steps to realize the full potential of digital transformation. Bryce provided insights into the progress spurred by COVID-19, highlighting the hurdles that the healthcare industry had to overcome to establish enduring relationships forged during these testing times.

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