Duke Health, despite a reputation for world-class care, was fighting for their share of patients in the Greater Triangle of North Carolina. Losing out to competitors like UNC, Wake Forest, Novant and Rex they looked to Modea to help reimagine how their website could address this mission critical business need.


Healthcare providers are trapped in the “build it and they will come” mentality for digital. Meaning that they believed over-investing in health library content to win on SEO or trying to inundate users with information about the health-system was not actually driving patients to chose them for care. Particularly patients who demand digitally more and more from healthcare sites with the rise of consumerism in the industry. We needed to bring the best digital practices of non-healthcare industries to reinvent DukeMedicine.org

“We needed to bring the best digital practices of non-healthcare industries to reinvent DukeMedicine.org”


By pioneering new ways for patients to have more transparency, control and choice when deciding which doctor or hospital is right for them – Modea built the first Deep Decision Platform in Healthcare. A platform that will not only aid prospects in the toughest decisions about their care but also convert them from site visitors to real patients.



  • Developed a new patient focused architecture for the site based on the three most vital patient needs “Doctors, Treatments and Locations”.
  • Entirely Mobile Responsive site experience.
  • Reimagined the Physician Search Process through a revolutionary new “find-a-doctor tool”.
  • Integrated with Epic by building a custom Open Scheduling tool that drives patients from the “Find-a-Doctor Tool” into an actual appointment.
  • Significantly simplified content on the site to be focused on conversion, while launching a custom blog format for a focused thought leadership strategy.


Transformed dukehealth.org into a product development organization by building the best conversion engine in healthcare. In doing so making digital a strategic investment center for the entire organization.

  • +20%Outpatient Visits
  • +25%Appointment Call Volume
  • +37%Inpatient Admissions
  • +43%Surgical Procedures