Nemours Children’s Health is a leading pediatric health system and is one of the largest integrated pediatric health systems in the country. It has two free-standing hospitals and over 95 outpatient locations across New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Florida. As a system, Nemours Children’s offers pediatric primary, urgent, specialty, and hospital care.

Nemours was rebranding its multi-state pediatric health website and needed to communicate with regional patient audiences in a way that did not fragment the digital experience.

Nemours had three main goals for this website redesign:

  1. Provide a high-quality website design that highlights consistent communication with patients and healthcare professionals.
  2. Create tools for Nemours team members to add content to the website pain-free.
  3. Offer a streamlined online experience.

Services Provided

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User Experience Research

Modea’s UX/UI team performed extensive web strategy research spanning across the service areas and worked closely with their rebranding agency. Additionally, we provided input to the Nemours team about its digital brand presence by assessing the impressions of its content and website.


Designing an Innovative Healthcare Website 

Our team built a customized and innovative website that executed their goals and provided a better digital patient experience.

Modea’s engineering team developed a componentized solution spanning 40 digital components that allowed all pages of the website to be built from a common digital library. Digital libraries consist of many systems working together as a team and make housing the backend of the Nemours website architecture easy to manage and use.

Finding a Nemours Children’s Health location near you has also been simplified by the site’s ability to tailor medical service and specialty locations specific to one’s general region. When you enter the site, your ISP IP will assign you to a region of care within the Nemours system. This assignment allows the content, which is written specifically for the users region, to display to the user within an in-page component and leverages advanced features within the Adobe Experience Manager content management system.


The overarching design elements that comprise the new Nemours website enable the seamless and cohesive online experience Nemours sought to provide its users. To maintain the design of the new website, we provided image masking capabilities and theming of the website’s components. This solution allows the design system to be flexible to stylistic changes, which makes altering content on the website a painless process.

This includes different:

  • Media placements
  • Text variations
  • Backgrounds
  • Colors
  • Content Fragments

Content fragments allow one to design, create, curate, and publish page independent content. This feature enables changes by a single edit and is an advanced feature that furthers simplicity in adding content to the site.

Including component theming allows expansion to all web properties that use the component library and are used to modify existing components to fit a specific visual style. So, should the Nemours team or a sub-brand, like Nemours Kidshealth, want to create a slightly different theme on its site, the measures we put in place require a minimal lift to make those changes.


Development Highlights

  • Performed extensive web strategy research spanning across the service areas and aligned our planning to the overarching rebranding schedule.
  • Provided Nemours Children’s Health with a customized and high-quality website that has novel theme variations and image masking.
  • Developed a componentized solution spanning 40 digital components that allowed all pages of the website to be built from a common digital library.
  • Built a pathway for users to find their closest Nemours Children’s location across Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida.
  • Created theming of all website components to allow for Nemour team members to add content to the website pain-free.


The newly upgraded website maintains personalization and superior design, allowing for a simplified and accessible customer experience. Nemours Children’s is a unique health system that now has a unique way of delivering the right content to the right audience at the right time.

Our efforts have shown to improve the online customer experience and we provided a robust SEO strategy spanning page performance, metadata, backlinks, accessibility, and mobile friendliness to measure the validity of our solutions.


Web Excellence Awards

  • Health Care Services

Digital Health Awards

  • Web-based Digital Health - Website (Bronze)

Web Awards

  • Healthcare Website

eHealthcare Leadership Awards

  • Best Digital Front Door

W3 Awards

  • Best Practices
  • Best Homepage
  • Best Structure and Navigation
  • Best User Interface
  • Best Visual Appeal - Aesthetics