Cerner HealtheLife App Integration

What if you could build a customized, fully-branded mobile app that seamlessly blends the HealtheLife patient portal experiences your customers already know with the expanded digital tools you need? You can.

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Modea creates tailored digital solutions for hospitals and health systems, integrating Cerner HealtheLife features. We understand your customers’ unique needs, crafting user-friendly apps that enhance engagement and streamline processes while improving patient outcomes.

  • Technology strategy and selection
  • EHR integration
  • Custom development
  • Extended app development

Building One Mobile App That Does it All

Modea leverages the tools Cerner offers to build a singular app that provides all of the features of HealtheLife and more. Our focus is on creating mobile app experiences that not only feel familiar to your customers but are also highly scalable, tailored specifically to meet the unique demands of hospitals and health systems. 

This means you’re never stuck with what a third party offers. Instead, you can have ONE mobile app that has all the tools your customers need. From provider search and wayfinding information to video visit and bill pay functionality, we can build the app you need.