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You know your hospital or health system needs a digital front door. But is your strategy truly based on your customers’ needs?

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Health systems think of the digital front door as everything from the welcome mat for virtual care to the wrap-around, end-to-end digital experience.

But too many healthcare providers are still creating digital front door strategies based on organizational needs. As a partner in planning and executing digital front doors for some of the largest hospitals and health systems in the country, Modea knows that the most effective digital strategies always begin with the customer.

3 Principles For Creating a Strong Digital Front Door

Do you have a strategy behind creating your digital front door? You can’t merely throw a bunch of technology at your customers and hope it works.

Modea is not only a strategic consulting partner for some of the largest healthcare systems in the country, we’ve also built many of their websites and mobile apps. We know that hospitals embarking on digital front door initiatives should fully embrace these 3 principles before doing anything else.


1. Connect your customer data and use it well. Instead of leaving clinical data, CRM data, and analytics data siloed, unify your data streams. You can’t glean enterprise-wide insights about your customers unless you can follow their digital footprints from one place to the next. This is why Modea specializes in marketing analytics and business intelligence. We help healthcare institutions learn to use powerful BI tools across platforms. 

2. Create an omnichannel customer experience that works well across all the touchpoints. Today’s consumers expect to effortlessly toggle back and forth between digital and physical. They order food via an app, enter the parking space number in the app when they go to pick it up, confirm and pay on the app, and a worker brings the food out to their car. To them, it feels like one experience. Healthcare needs to feel the same way. Customer journey mapping can help you better understand your customer’s journey.

3. Honor your brand in your digital front door. Your hospital feels a certain way, from signage to the use of natural light to the smiles on the faces of staff and volunteers. Does every digital touchpoint have that same feeling? Are the messages consistent, from the home page to microcontent to the bill pay experience? 


Whether they like it or not, all hospitals are becoming technology businesses. You can grudgingly retrofit a digital experience . . . or you can willingly embrace today’s sophisticated consumer. We help the health systems that are ready to invest in smart, customer-centric digital front door strategies.

3 Principles For Creating a Strong Digital Front Door