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Why Tech Natives Struggle with Digital Healthcare Tools

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Learn why tech natives struggle with digital healthcare tools

Contrary to popular belief, many younger consumers struggle to use digital healthcare tools to find vital information and care options. Download our report now to see the 4 critical factors that keep younger cohorts from receiving care in your health system.


Learn why this is the single most important factor that’s holding back younger populations from receiving care at your health system.


Is physician or location contact information easy to find? How many clicks does it take to “call”?


Younger users are more likely to be lower-income and have the least cost security. Make it easy for them to estimate cost.


The home page is not the front door to your website. Your physicians need to be easy to find on both Google and on your site.

Learn what keeps younger cohorts from receiving care in your health system

Younger populations that grew up using technology should be able to quickly navigate finding a doctor, paying a bill online, and anything in between, right? Unfortunately, this is not necessarily the case. This often overlooked segment of the population struggles to navigate digital healthcare tools and, therefore, simply doesn’t use them. We wanted to explore why this was happening and came away with some intriguing data.

Organizations seeking to become more equitable and more efficient in their offerings need to make adjustments to their digital properties to better allow younger individuals to access care today and in the future.

Understanding how to best serve your younger population will be critically important for retention and revenue.

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