For decades, the fee-for-service payment model directly contributed to the rising costs of healthcare. Dartmouth-Hitchcock, an academic medical center based in New Hampshire, partnered with Modea to provide an innovative solution to help address patient health in a new way.

Services Provided

  • Electronic health record (EHR) integration
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In order to disrupt the traditional fee-for-service model, this new solution focused on providing a customer-centered experience in which healthcare is delivered directly to the consumer’s doorstep. ImagineCare revolutionizes the delivery of healthcare through leveraging wearable technologies with remote sensors to gather real-time data; keeping patients in constant communication with their care teams.



Through these integrated APIs, data can successfully pass through the necessary channels at the necessary times, ensuring patients, doctors, and ImagineCare staff, all have consistent information to provide a more holistic view of the patient’s health. This ability to integrate and view information gets patients more engaged in their own care through aggregation and analysis of data captured across multiple healthcare systems and technologies. Providers can also make more informed decisions about patient care, ultimately increasing value and improving clinical and financial outcomes.