Technology Services Group (TSG), Carilion Clinic’s IT organization, was confined by a legacy service management platform they called MyTSC. The app’s limited functionality overwhelmed the helpdesk, frustrated employees, and created organizational inefficiencies. They needed to reinvent their service management process by creating a tool that better supported their use of the ITIL framework.


Our team held a series of focus groups to isolate roadblocks and identify pain points within the current application and process. We learned that users wanted a simplified workflow and the ability to use common mobile device features like camera integration, tooltips, swipe navigation, barcode scanning, and more. Our user experience designers tested concepts and the restructured information hierarchy by placing prototypes and clickable wireframes in the hands of the consumer.

"The application’s new design offers modernized functionality with a sleek visual foundation of dark style tiles and UI pieces."


Edison’s design offers users (Carilion employees) a modern interface where they can quickly submit incidents while on-the-go. The application’s new design offers modernized functionality with a sleek visual foundation of dark style tiles and UI pieces. The app delivers the same clear and concise user experience in both desktop and mobile environments.
Not only did we redesign the user interface, but we also completely rebranded the existing application’s logo and psyche to best align with TSG’s strategic priorities and deliver a completely new tool for end-users.


In order to create a user-centric application, our development team built and implemented new technologies to support the application’s advancement in design and usability.

  • Camera integration allows for a quick and easy upload process.
  • Newly incorporated tooltips welcome new users by subtlety guiding the consumer through critical steps and processes.
  • The use of javascript ensures no cost in switching context and made for a smooth transition when handing off to TSG’s development team.
  • Engineered to appear at the bottom of every page “Save My Spot” functionality allows users to successfully save and access reports within seconds.


Because of Edison, TSG now receives double the number of online requests—meaning less service desk call volume. This has freed up time and created greater efficiencies. Because the camera is now integrated, users can upload what they need more quickly, and it has extended the value of the app to clinical engineering use cases.